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Stupid Title. Interesting Mission.
October 6, 2009, 5:40 pm
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NASA is continuing its search for water on the moon using a very interesting method:  Hitting the moon with a very large, fast moving projectile.  Unfortunately the HuffPo chose their words poorly when they wrote the title to the article.  If I’m reading this right, NASA is not actually bombing the moon with explosives, but just hitting it really hard with a solid projectile.

The comments on this article are absolutely ridiculous.  If people honestly think that this is going to have some effect on the lunar environment, lunar orbit, or the earth, then they are morons.  The moon is massive, especially compared to the projectile, and there is no way that this could somehow push it out of its orbit and have ill effects on the Earth.   It would take a considerably larger object to actually change the orbit of the moon.

There is also no environment on the moon to hurt.  It is a lifeless rock with no atmosphere that is hit by space debris all the time.  Were it not for our atmosphere, erosion, plate tectonics, etc, the Earth would look very similar to the moon.  The moon has survived countless impacts from larger objects than this one and I think it can easily survive this.

This just proves the sad state of scientific literacy in our country.  We have fallen far behind most of the developed world in education.  People are just unable to grasp how this mission could be important.  They think NASA is basically just going to fly a plane over the moon and drop a few bombs on it just because they can.  We need to go back to the days where NASA was popular and when people would gather around the TV just to watch the launch of a rocket or the Space Shuttle.  I fear America has lost its fascination with space exploration, and that is a sad thing to lose.


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