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My Two Cents Part Deux: My…Four Cents?
June 13, 2009, 1:19 am
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Hell is the most unjust punishment ever conceived.  Our time on this planet is finite in length, so therefore, our “crimes” against god are finite in nature.  Then why does our punishment last forever for bruising god’s fragile ego?  I consider myself to be a good person, and I think many of my friends would agree, though maybe not as many now that I am out as an atheist.  I do not hate anyone, even the overly religious, because that is their choice, and as long as they are not thumping bibles in my face, trying to legislate their religion, or hurting anyone, then I’m okay with that.  Just don’t try to force me to follow your god or gods.  So then why do I, even as a good person, deserve to be tortured for eternity because I did not bow to down to a deity who lends no evidence of his existence?  God is in no way a just god if we are to be punished for eternity for a finite crime.  We may punish some criminals in the real world by giving them life in prison or ending their lives (though I am very against the death penalty), but these punishments still end at death, it is not an eternal torture.

I also find being told that I am going to hell for my beliefs (or non-beliefs) very offensive.  What gives someone else the right to tell me that I deserve eternal torture for now sucking up to the big man in the sky?  Especially when I find myself to be a better person than many of the hypocrites I have known who profess to be bible believing Christians.  I am not required to dislike and condemn anyone for their lifestyle (homosexuals, etc.), religion (Muslims, Hindus, etc.), or career (abortion doctor, etc.).  I find that I have a much more fulfilling, happy life as a humanist.


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